little miss hater (alternakittyn) wrote in senshigals,
little miss hater

a little late!

1. Senshi name: Sailoruranus
2. Nicks: Neko, Carolee-nyo
3. Email:

4. none, but hopefully more in the future.
5. ...job: I'm a temp right now, and I'm hoping to be hired by the company.
6. ...significant other: My Isaac!
7. ...home: Pittsburgh, PA. I finally have my apartment!
8. Kogal with a hint of raver.
9. ...obsession: cute
10. ...hobbies: web stuff, bummin' around, learning PPP moves...
11. ...close friends: Catt, Theresa... I realized how few I really have!
12. ...worry: money. I'm an insane spender!

Future plans for...
13. ...a career: teaching in Japan.
14. ...a home: I think I could deal with a large apartment in NYC until I move to Tokyo.
15. ...a family: a husband and pets count, right?
16. go to school, get married... try to be as happy as possible!

17. ...anime: right now? Fruits Basket or Super GALS!
18. Probably udon or ramen. Gyoza are good too!
19. Mystery Science Theater!
20. Ganguro Girls
21. ...TV show: Powerpuff Girls
22. ...artist: random PPP stuff
23. DDR (5th's my favorite)

24. Do you still like Sailormoon? I still like it, I just don't think it's as amazing as the first time.
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? other than catt, not really. It makes me sad that I don't!
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? that'd be great!!
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? I have no issues with that!

BTW, if anyone is interested, check out my new kogal community. Happy Birthday, Anna! All my love!
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