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The downfall of the Senshi~

Hmm, sadly this community hasn't done a whole lot to revitalize the group...

I think part of the problem may be Livejournal itself... we all used to keep in touch and up to date with each other's lives through the Senshi ML, but I know at least to me, it feels kind of redundant to post something in my LJ and then post basically the exact same thing to the Senshi. Which kind of sucks, because there's not the same sort of communication with the rest of the group when I just post in my LJ. Also, it's less intimate... I know that there was stuff I'd feel comfortable confiding in you guys, but not necessarily with the rest of my online friends or the Internet community in general...

I do really miss the group, but I almost don't know what to post anymore, to get more interest and activity going. But then, I really don't want to just abandon the group either... you guys have been some of my best and closest friends... 'specially Carolee. We've gone through a lot and helped each other out and even tho we lack that cohesiveness that we used to have, I still think of us as the Senshi.

So I guess where I'm going with this is... how can we get more activity in the group? Any ideas? Maybe we need more of a theme for the group... I know it's always just been us posting about our lives, but now we all have LJs, well like I said, doing that just feels kind of redundant to me. ::shrugs:: I guess we could always do more surveys, but you can only go so far on surveys ^.^

Blah, I think I'll end this here... it's turning into a senseless 4am ramble. ^.^
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