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A quick survey

I though I'd do up a quick survey to get some activity on this community and such.

1. Senshi name: TinNyanko
2. Nicks: Catt, Catt-chan, Catt Nyanko...
3. Email:

4. I'm sort-of-not-really going to this adult ed program, but I think I'm going to switch to one that's less sketchy and better organized. And where the teaches don't get fired for fraud. Once I have my stupid HS out of the way I'll be going to UMD for a bit.
5. ...job: Nothing at the moment... I was a stripper for a while but the agency is stupid and stopped giving me work... so now I'm a starving artist... I'm going to start looking for a job really soon tho. More call center work prolly, but well paid call center work.
6. ...significant other: elizium is my boyfriend and luxnightmare is my sort of girl friend in NYC. Yay!
7. ...home: Gah, displaced! I have to move out by the end of the month and I don't know where I'm going to live... I'll prolly stay at my mum's till I find a place I really like.
8. Raver with a hint of kogal.
9. ...obsession: magical girls, kogals, Harry Potter, Livejournal and drawing furries
10. ...hobbies: drawing mainly, watching copious amounts of Star Trek, sitting at the computer hitting refresh on my friends page every five minutes, going for sushi...
11. ...close friends: Lee, Carolee, Lux, Amanda, Jasmine, Amber, Anna, Syd, Ash, Heather... I dunno too many to name here.
12. ...worry: I'm stressing badly about the whole moving thing... plus my health sucks right now, but it's nothing too horrible.

Future plans for...
13. ...a career: There's so much I want to do, and I'm determined to do it all... I want to be a fashion designer and make a career out of my hentai drawing somehow.
14. ...a home: Ideally when I'm rich, I want to have lots of homes... but right now the two main places I want to live are NYC and Japan...
15. ...a family: Ugh, children... :P
16. Maybe marry Lee in a few years, and become ridiculously successful and subsequently rich. ^__^

17. ...anime: Sailormoon, Excel Saga, Ebichu, Digi Charat... Anything odd or with pretty costumes.
18. Sushi, or anything with horseradish on it.
19. Harry Potter, RHPS, the Star Wars Trilogy.
20. the Harry Potter books (whaaa I want the 5th one!)
21. ...TV show: Star Trek: TNG...
22. ...artist: Jamiroquai, EZ Rollers, Diesel Boy, Roni Size, Megumi Hayashibara, any music from DDR
23. DDR.

24. Do you still like Sailormoon? Yep... sadly I still haven't seen the whole series subtitled.
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? Some of you...
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? Yes I still say we all have to get together at a con one of these years...
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? Might be a good idea... there seems to have been some interest in it since I started the community.

Anything else? Ugh... I'm too tired to think right now...
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