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The Senshi's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Senshi

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new place! [15 Jun 2002|10:31am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi girlies!! I finally moved and finally have DSL! I'd really like to start penpalling with some of you again, so if you're interested, plz e-mail me! Help me use my cute statio!!!

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The downfall of the Senshi~ [28 Jan 2002|03:52am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hmm, sadly this community hasn't done a whole lot to revitalize the group...

I think part of the problem may be Livejournal itself... we all used to keep in touch and up to date with each other's lives through the Senshi ML, but I know at least to me, it feels kind of redundant to post something in my LJ and then post basically the exact same thing to the Senshi. Which kind of sucks, because there's not the same sort of communication with the rest of the group when I just post in my LJ. Also, it's less intimate... I know that there was stuff I'd feel comfortable confiding in you guys, but not necessarily with the rest of my online friends or the Internet community in general...

I do really miss the group, but I almost don't know what to post anymore, to get more interest and activity going. But then, I really don't want to just abandon the group either... you guys have been some of my best and closest friends... 'specially Carolee. We've gone through a lot and helped each other out and even tho we lack that cohesiveness that we used to have, I still think of us as the Senshi.

So I guess where I'm going with this is... how can we get more activity in the group? Any ideas? Maybe we need more of a theme for the group... I know it's always just been us posting about our lives, but now we all have LJs, well like I said, doing that just feels kind of redundant to me. ::shrugs:: I guess we could always do more surveys, but you can only go so far on surveys ^.^

Blah, I think I'll end this here... it's turning into a senseless 4am ramble. ^.^

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Birthdays galore! [28 Jan 2002|03:37am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow, two birthdays in a row! Birthday snuggles for kittenpaws and alternakittyn!

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sorry!! [27 Jan 2002|05:22pm]

try this!!


I'm a tard...
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a little late! [27 Jan 2002|05:12pm]

1. Senshi name: Sailoruranus
2. Nicks: Neko, Carolee-nyo
3. Email: rollerprincess@cherrycoma.net

4. ...school: none, but hopefully more in the future.
5. ...job: I'm a temp right now, and I'm hoping to be hired by the company.
6. ...significant other: My Isaac!
7. ...home: Pittsburgh, PA. I finally have my apartment!
8. ...style: Kogal with a hint of raver.
9. ...obsession: cute
10. ...hobbies: web stuff, bummin' around, learning PPP moves...
11. ...close friends: Catt, Theresa... I realized how few I really have!
12. ...worry: money. I'm an insane spender!

Future plans for...
13. ...a career: teaching in Japan.
14. ...a home: I think I could deal with a large apartment in NYC until I move to Tokyo.
15. ...a family: a husband and pets count, right?
16. ...life: go to school, get married... try to be as happy as possible!

17. ...anime: right now? Fruits Basket or Super GALS!
18. ...food: Probably udon or ramen. Gyoza are good too!
19. ...movie: Mystery Science Theater!
20. ...book: Ganguro Girls
21. ...TV show: Powerpuff Girls
22. ...artist: random PPP stuff
23. ...game: DDR (5th's my favorite)

24. Do you still like Sailormoon? I still like it, I just don't think it's as amazing as the first time.
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? other than catt, not really. It makes me sad that I don't!
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? that'd be great!!
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? I have no issues with that!

BTW, if anyone is interested, check out my new kogal community. Happy Birthday, Anna! All my love!
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[09 Jan 2002|08:56pm]

1. Senshi name: JunJun.
2. Nicks: Meow-sama, Jun-ko, Miyu-sama
3. Email: licorice.stick@shaw.ca

4. ...school: UVic. Studying music, though I really want to take as much literature as I can. I'd also love to do a little bit of early history, art history, and maybe philosophy. I have to do lots of non-music electives in 4 years. Might as well try some of everything >D

5. ...job: I teach clarinet lessons. Its my spending money. Not much, but enough. Most of the times. I need to get a job for the may-june though. Heeeelllppp!!!

6. ...significant other: fiendangelical ... *beam!*
7. ...home: with my parents. sigh. wish I had money so I could get away. But its just stupid. I live so close to school here, and its free, so really I wouldn't have to work during the year for four years if I didn't want to. *stays put and cries*
8. ...style: comfortable. :) anna thinks I'm going emo. Noooo. :P
9. ...obsession: clarinet, lj, music, drawing, yascha and reading.
10. ...hobbies: see above. >D
11. ...close friends: Yascha, my Mel-chan and of course I love all the senshi. :) I think this list will grow shortly as I'm getting to know more and more people at uvic.
12. ...worry: That I won't have the skill to be a clarinettist in a professional sense.

Future plans for...
13. ...a career: Play cruise ships! :D:D:D
14. ...a home: with yascha..I hope. And please not in victoria...
15. ...a family: nonononono.
16. ...life: Lots of music, and hopefully be a success at some of my other hobbies. but that's doubtful. hell, its doubtful that I'll be a musical success! heeh.

17. ...anime: Miyu, Saber Marionette (cept Hanagata *shudder*)
18. ...food: Sushi.
19. ...movie: Labyrinth, Interview with a Vampire, Dancer in the Dark.
20. ...book: Anne Rice stuff, and A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth. Mmm. :)
21. ...TV show: Buffy. Friends. how trendy am I?!
22. ...artist: This question requires too much of a memory right now. I am listening to a lot of Thea King, Richard Stoltzman and Sabine Meyer right now. They are all clarinettists. ^^; You don't want me to keep going, believe me.
23. ...game: Empire Earth >D

24. Do you still like Sailormoon? Definately. :D I will always love sailormoon.
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? Some. Most of all Anna. And even her... tricky. :(
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? Definately! :D
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? Maybe... but not so many that its hard to keep up and get to know everyone...
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survey [09 Jan 2002|01:25pm]

great idea catt!!!

1. Senshi name:
Setsuna ^_^
2. Nicks: Kitty, Pawprints, Kittenpaws, Kitty Meow, Kitty-chan, Neko, Kitten (question: why are they all variations on the kitty motif? answer: because i'm obsessed. ;) )
3. Email: moonglo@shaw.ca

4. ...school:
well apparently I do distance education on this stupid computer program where the teachers censor anything artistic but let all the christians get away with their preaching... but i never do anything, so... well, i'm planning to finish math 11 on this program sometime, then go to adult ed and get english and math out of the way, get my GED then go to college.
5. ...job: i work at a stupid mall accessory store called ardene. they sell lousy body jewelery, the hugest hoop earrings, quick-to-tarnish silver, watches that fall apart the next day, and other high quality merchandise. oh, and they pierce ears with guns (i don't do it myself, though). can you tell i don't respect my job? :)
6. ...significant other: trystan... :D
7. ...home: ughsf... i live with my parents. trystan is here too, we used to go between houses but now both of us are working so we just stay here. we're moving out either feb or march :D
8. ...style: colourful/furry phat pants, baseball shirts, tank tops, anything with an 80s cartoon idol on it, chains, collars and bandanas... piercings... :) umm, yeah i used to be more kande-raver ish but less so now, though i kinda wanna start wearing it all again... love the kande.... :)
9. ...obsession: cats, tangies, rainbow brite, trance
10. ...hobbies: DDR, drawing anime, obsessively checking ebay
11. ...close friends: you guys ^_^, trystan, my livejournal bahahaha...
12. ...worry: that i'm going to procrastinate and leave my life behind :X

Future plans for...
13. ...a career:
i want to start a vegan cafe, i also want to be the following: psychologist/counsellor/spiritualist/naturopath/herbalist/astrologer/astronomer/astrophysicist/fashion designer/manga artist/animator/actress/director/singer... and a bunch more... so indecisive :X
14. ...a home: a sweet apartment covered in toys and anime with my tan-chan ^_^
15. ...a family: ... lots of cats? i dunno.
16. ...life: i'm going to change the world, either way.

17. ...anime:
hyper police, devil hunter yohko, nurse angel ririka sos, sailor moon (love shoujo, love catgirls!)
18. ...food: tofu!!!!!! ^_^ and candy.
19. ...movie: i have no idea
20. ...book: seth speaks ^_^
21. ...TV show: the simpsons, FULL HOUSE AHAHAHHAHA!!!!
22. ...artist: infected mushroom, garbage, the beatles, i'm starting to get into pink floyd, misc trance artists: lovechild, comanova, signum, jan johnston, yeah :)
23. ...game: DDR! parapara paradise!! BISHI BASHI!!!

24. Do you still like Sailormoon?
yeah! ^_^
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? i still keep in touch with heather, catt and carolee mostly through LJ, and now lani too, i talk to erin occasionally on ICQ, i'm supposed to be in touch with val but i'm a FUCING IDIOT and haven't mailed the letter yet :X, and i never hear from lorrie...
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? YES! very much so!
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? Definitely! i loved the senshi ^_^

Anything else? ...nah. ^_^
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A quick survey [09 Jan 2002|06:32am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I though I'd do up a quick survey to get some activity on this community and such.

1. Senshi name: TinNyanko
2. Nicks: Catt, Catt-chan, Catt Nyanko...
3. Email: catt-chan@home.com

4. ...school: I'm sort-of-not-really going to this adult ed program, but I think I'm going to switch to one that's less sketchy and better organized. And where the teaches don't get fired for fraud. Once I have my stupid HS out of the way I'll be going to UMD for a bit.
5. ...job: Nothing at the moment... I was a stripper for a while but the agency is stupid and stopped giving me work... so now I'm a starving artist... I'm going to start looking for a job really soon tho. More call center work prolly, but well paid call center work.
6. ...significant other: elizium is my boyfriend and luxnightmare is my sort of girl friend in NYC. Yay!
7. ...home: Gah, displaced! I have to move out by the end of the month and I don't know where I'm going to live... I'll prolly stay at my mum's till I find a place I really like.
8. ...style: Raver with a hint of kogal.
9. ...obsession: magical girls, kogals, Harry Potter, Livejournal and drawing furries
10. ...hobbies: drawing mainly, watching copious amounts of Star Trek, sitting at the computer hitting refresh on my friends page every five minutes, going for sushi...
11. ...close friends: Lee, Carolee, Lux, Amanda, Jasmine, Amber, Anna, Syd, Ash, Heather... I dunno too many to name here.
12. ...worry: I'm stressing badly about the whole moving thing... plus my health sucks right now, but it's nothing too horrible.

Future plans for...
13. ...a career: There's so much I want to do, and I'm determined to do it all... I want to be a fashion designer and make a career out of my hentai drawing somehow.
14. ...a home: Ideally when I'm rich, I want to have lots of homes... but right now the two main places I want to live are NYC and Japan...
15. ...a family: Ugh, children... :P
16. ...life: Maybe marry Lee in a few years, and become ridiculously successful and subsequently rich. ^__^

17. ...anime: Sailormoon, Excel Saga, Ebichu, Digi Charat... Anything odd or with pretty costumes.
18. ...food: Sushi, or anything with horseradish on it.
19. ...movie: Harry Potter, RHPS, the Star Wars Trilogy.
20. ...book: the Harry Potter books (whaaa I want the 5th one!)
21. ...TV show: Star Trek: TNG...
22. ...artist: Jamiroquai, EZ Rollers, Diesel Boy, Roni Size, Megumi Hayashibara, any music from DDR
23. ...game: DDR.

24. Do you still like Sailormoon? Yep... sadly I still haven't seen the whole series subtitled.
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? Some of you...
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? Yes I still say we all have to get together at a con one of these years...
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? Might be a good idea... there seems to have been some interest in it since I started the community.

Anything else? Ugh... I'm too tired to think right now...

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[30 Dec 2001|06:44am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, I fixed the colour scheme a bit and uploaded a pic for the community... it all still needs some fiddling with, but I think it'll do for now. ^.^

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Welcome! [30 Dec 2001|06:03am]

Just want to welcome everyone to the Senshi community. I really hope we can revitalize our group here, and hopefully expand a bit. ::hugs::

I miss the Senshi~
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