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great idea catt!!!

1. Senshi name:
Setsuna ^_^
2. Nicks: Kitty, Pawprints, Kittenpaws, Kitty Meow, Kitty-chan, Neko, Kitten (question: why are they all variations on the kitty motif? answer: because i'm obsessed. ;) )
3. Email: moonglo@shaw.ca

4. ...school:
well apparently I do distance education on this stupid computer program where the teachers censor anything artistic but let all the christians get away with their preaching... but i never do anything, so... well, i'm planning to finish math 11 on this program sometime, then go to adult ed and get english and math out of the way, get my GED then go to college.
5. ...job: i work at a stupid mall accessory store called ardene. they sell lousy body jewelery, the hugest hoop earrings, quick-to-tarnish silver, watches that fall apart the next day, and other high quality merchandise. oh, and they pierce ears with guns (i don't do it myself, though). can you tell i don't respect my job? :)
6. ...significant other: trystan... :D
7. ...home: ughsf... i live with my parents. trystan is here too, we used to go between houses but now both of us are working so we just stay here. we're moving out either feb or march :D
8. ...style: colourful/furry phat pants, baseball shirts, tank tops, anything with an 80s cartoon idol on it, chains, collars and bandanas... piercings... :) umm, yeah i used to be more kande-raver ish but less so now, though i kinda wanna start wearing it all again... love the kande.... :)
9. ...obsession: cats, tangies, rainbow brite, trance
10. ...hobbies: DDR, drawing anime, obsessively checking ebay
11. ...close friends: you guys ^_^, trystan, my livejournal bahahaha...
12. ...worry: that i'm going to procrastinate and leave my life behind :X

Future plans for...
13. ...a career:
i want to start a vegan cafe, i also want to be the following: psychologist/counsellor/spiritualist/naturopath/herbalist/astrologer/astronomer/astrophysicist/fashion designer/manga artist/animator/actress/director/singer... and a bunch more... so indecisive :X
14. ...a home: a sweet apartment covered in toys and anime with my tan-chan ^_^
15. ...a family: ... lots of cats? i dunno.
16. ...life: i'm going to change the world, either way.

17. ...anime:
hyper police, devil hunter yohko, nurse angel ririka sos, sailor moon (love shoujo, love catgirls!)
18. ...food: tofu!!!!!! ^_^ and candy.
19. ...movie: i have no idea
20. ...book: seth speaks ^_^
21. ...TV show: the simpsons, FULL HOUSE AHAHAHHAHA!!!!
22. ...artist: infected mushroom, garbage, the beatles, i'm starting to get into pink floyd, misc trance artists: lovechild, comanova, signum, jan johnston, yeah :)
23. ...game: DDR! parapara paradise!! BISHI BASHI!!!

24. Do you still like Sailormoon?
yeah! ^_^
25. Still keep in touch with other senshi gals? i still keep in touch with heather, catt and carolee mostly through LJ, and now lani too, i talk to erin occasionally on ICQ, i'm supposed to be in touch with val but i'm a FUCING IDIOT and haven't mailed the letter yet :X, and i never hear from lorrie...
26. Interested in having a senshi get together at a con someday? YES! very much so!
27. Do you think we should add more people to the senshi and get more (some) activity on the list again? Definitely! i loved the senshi ^_^

Anything else? ...nah. ^_^
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